The True Self
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At the core of your being is a True Self that you may have never known. A spirit that has no ties to the images, thoughts and ideas your mind currently holds.  It is a wonderful spirit that is the source of all True Happiness.  It works endlessly to reveal itself to you, but your current state of mind, called the human condition, regularly opposes it.

Knowledge of this Self has been called esoteric or secret knowledge -but it has been kept from no one.  Anyone who earnestly seeks will find it.  It is selective only because so few are able to see it.  This is only because so few are willing to see it.  The fear of losing their current way of thinking is too great to bear, so they stay where they are.  This describes most of mankind.

Every once in a while, someone catches a glimpse of the true life; the way to live as it were intended- free and happy.  When this happens, they may choose to go forward or they may retreat.  This depends on how clearly they see the reality before them- and if they recognize it for what it is.

It is nothing short of shocking for the one who finally realizes that all of the images, thoughts and ideas they have about themselves are simply just that- and nothing more. They are disappointed to learn that these things have no substance, no value and no lasting quality. They should be thrilled. To know this is the key to a better life.

If you begin to examine yourself through sincere awareness, you will see things you have never seen before. In almost all cases, the things you believe you are -are not you. They have nothing in common with your True Self- the inner essence of who you really are. In fact, each of those things- images, ideas and thoughts are the very culprits of your pain and frustration.

Come back to read the Essays and use the Discussion topics to challenge your current way of thinking. Learn that your stress and anxiety are not necessary-and that you hold the key to letting them go.  Question everything about yourself.  To discover True Reality and the Real You, you must dare to see things anew. You must seek what you cannot immediately know or understand.

It is imperative that you let go of your traditional ideas of self and your existing ideas of good and bad.  Simply start with a clean slate in each case.


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